New Investigator Mentoring Session

Monday 15 May 18:30 - 20:00

New Investigators are invited to join leaders in the field for an informal mentoring/networking session. Participants will be requested to indicate which sessions they wish to attend, up to a maximum of . There will be 8 in rotations of 20 minutes each and the format will be group discussions which are facilitated by the mentor. The mentors are available for advice on how to find your own solutions!

This event gives New Investigators the opportunity to network with senior investigators at tables assigned by topics.

Monday 15  May          

Mentoring session Speaker
18:30-20:00 Impact of the microbiome on bone turnover     TBC
18:30-20:00 The kidney, a neglected organ     Sandro Mazzaferro
18:30-20:00 CRISPR/Cas9 - everything you wanted to know     Angelo Lambardo
18:30-20:00 Most exciting advances in bone imaging     Mary Bouxsein
18:30-20:00 The clinician scientist - an endangered species     Richard Eastell
18:30-20:00 Transitioning to Faculty/group leader     Christa Maes
18:30-20:00 Bone marrow stromal cells: definition and function     Pam Robey
18:30-20:00 From the US back to Europe     Özge Uluckan