Cancer & Bone Society (CABS) Annual Meeting ECTS 2016

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Saturday 14th May 2016

09:00 10:40    Cancer & Bone Clinical Day
Understanding the problem
Chairs: David Roodman (Indiana, USA) & Daniele Santini (Rome, Italy)
09:00   Welcome
Peyman Hadji (Frankfurt, Germany)
09:05 CABS1.1    The Fatal Attraction Between Cancer And Bone
Lorenz Hofbauer (Dresden, Germany)
09:25 CABS1.2 Inhibiting The Early Steps Of The Metastatic Process
Ingunn Holen (Sheffield, UK)
09:45 CABS1.3 Blocking Deconstruction: New Bone Targeted Agents At Work
Philippe Clezardin (Lyon, France)
10:05 CABS1.4       Myeloma And Bone – A Never Ending Story?
Peter Croucher (Sydney, Australia)
10:25   Structured Panel Discussion Led By Chairs: What Are The Unanswered Preclinical Questions?

10:40   Coffee Break
11:00 12:15    Cancer & Bone Clinical Day
Clinical management of bone metastases
Chair: Jean-Jacques body (Brussels, Belgium) & Robert Coleman (Sheffield, UK)
11:00 CABS2.1    Myeloma Bone Disease – Can We Do Better?
Evangelo Terpos (London, UK)
11:20 CABS2.2 Prostate Cancer And Bone Metastasis – Which Bone Targeted Treatments Should I Consider?
Janet Brown (Sheffield, UK)
11:40 CABS2.3      Breast Cancer And Bone Metastasis – Do We Still Have A Problem?
Luis Costa (Lisbon, Portugal)
12:00   Structured Panel Discussion: Does the underlying cancer type matter when treating bone metastases


 13:00 14:15    Cancer & Bone - Educational Symposium
Clinical management of cancer treatment induced bone loss (CTIBL) and more...
Chairs: Enrico Ricevuto (Rome, Italy) & Peyman Hadji (Frankfurt, Germany)
13:00 CABS3.1    Cancer Treatment Induced Osteoporosis– What is the size of the problem?
Peyman Hadji (Frankfurt, Germany)
13:00 CABS3.2 Prevention and Treatment of CTIBL – A New Standard of Care
Michael Gnant (Vienna, Austria)
13:00 CABS3.3 Treatment of Bone Metastasis Update 2016
Matti Aapro (Geneva, Switzerland)
13:01   Structured Panel Discussion Led By Chairs

 14:15 15:45    Cancer & Bone Clinical Day
Multidisciplinary treatment of bone metastases
Chairs: Matti Aapro (Geneva, Switzerland) & Peter Croucher (Darlinghurst, Australia)
14:15 CABS4.1 Surgical Treatment – When, Why And How?
Andreas Kurth (Dusseldorf, Germany)
15:05 CABS4.2      Radiation Treatment – Still The Best Treatment For Bone Metastases?
Peter Barrett- Lee (Wales, UK)
15:25 CABS4.3 Bone Pain – Mechanisms and Interventions
Daniele Santini (Rome, Italy)


 16:05 16:25    Cancer & Bone Clinical Day
Controversies in malignant bone disease
Chairs: Theresa Guise (Indiana, USA) & Francesco Bertoldo (Rome, Italy)
16:05 CABS5.1    Bone Biomarkers – Are Any Of Them Useful For Diagnosis, Treatment Selection Or Disease Monitoring?
Daniele Santini (Rome, Italy)
16:25 CABS5.2      Oxford Style Debate: Bone targeted treatments should be part of a standard adjuvant treatment for women with early breast cancer
Moderator: Peyman Hadji (Frankfurt, Germany)
PRO: Rob Coleman & CONTRA: Pier Franco Conte (Sheffield, UK & Padua, Italy)
17:00   Closing remarks
Peyman Hadji & Daniele Santini (Frankfurt, Germany & Rome, Italy)

Sunday 15th May 2016

08:00 10:00   

Cancer & Bone Pre Clinical Day
Genomics of bone metastasis development

Chairs: Dominique Heymann (Sheffield, UK) & Katherine Weilbaecher (Missouri, USA)

08:00   Tribute to Paolo Bianco
Anna Teti (L'Aquila, Italy)
08:10 CABS6.1             Leveraging the evolutionary history of lethal prostate cancer
Steve Bova (Maryland, USA)
08:40 CABS6.2 MAF is a mediator of breast cancer bone metastasis
Roger Gomis (Barcelona, Spain)
09:10 CABSOC1.1 Secreted YB-1 (Y-box binding protein 1) as a biomarker of bone disease progression in pts with breast cancer and bone metastases
Sandra Casimiro (Portugal).
09:20 CABSOC1.2 Bone and metabolic parameters are associated with overall survival in pts with bone metastases from adenocarcinoma
Cyrille B. Confavreux (France)
09:30 CABSOC1.3 Blocking IL-1R signaling inhibits breast cancer growth and bone metastases
Penelope Ottewell (Sheffield, UK)
09:40 CABSOP1.1 Osteoblastic and osteolytic bone metastases induce divergent angiogenic responses
Janine Hensel (Bern, Switzerland)
09:45 CABSOP1.2 Roundabout Receptors: New Actors In Bone Metastatic Niche Formation
François Le Pape (France)
09:50 CABSOP1.3 Cripto/Grp 78 drive the metastatic phenotype in human osteotropic prostrate
Eugenio Zoni
09:55 CABSOP1.4 p62-ZZ Domain signaling inhibition prevents MM cell-induced epigenetic repression at the Runx2 promoter and rescues osteoblast differentiation 
David Roodman
10:30 12:00    Cancer & Bone Pre Clinical Day
Bone marrow micrometastasis, including tumor dormancy
Chairs: Peter Croucher (Darlington, Austrailia) & Philippe Clezardin (Paris, France)
10:30 CABS7.1             Tumor dormancy
Harriet Wilkman (Hamburg, Germany)
11:00 CABS7.2 Metastasis: Role of micro-RNAs in bone metastasis
Gabri van der Pluijm (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
11:30 CABSOC2.1 Prostrate cancer microRNAs in extracellular vesicles stimulate osteoclastogenesis
Irene Biijnsdorp (The Netherlands)
11:40 CABSOC2.2 Integrin a5 is an independent prognosis factor and a potential therapy target for breast cancer bone metastasis
Francesco Pantano (Italy)
11:50 CABSOC2.3 Cancer cell homing to the bone marrow is modulated by the mesenchymal stromal cell
Inaam Nakchbandi (Germany)
12:00 CABSOC2.4 Peripheral tumor re-growth following combination therapy-role of the bone microenvironment
Marie-Therese Haider (UK)
12:10 CABSOC2.5 Inhibition of BMP signaling reduces bone destruction and impacts niche
Sarah Gooding (UK)
12:20 CABSOP2.1 Antagonizing miR-218 prevents breast cancer-induced
Hanna Taipaleenmäki (Germany)
12:25 CABSOP2.2 Mesenchymal stromal cells promote osteosarcoma stemness and migratory
Margherita Cortini (Italy)
14:15 16:45     Cancer & Bone Pre Clinical Day
Involvement of the bone microenvironment, including osteoimmunology in primary tumors and bone metastasis
Chairs: Patricia Juarez & Claire Edwards
14:15 CABS8.1            

Virotherapy: Current status, Challenges and Perspectives for Osteosarcoma

Marta Alonso (Navara, Spain) 

14:45 CABS8.2 Immunotherapy for myeloma
Evangelos Terpos (Greece, Athens)
15:15 CABSOC3.1 Blockade of C5aR impairs tumor-induced osteoclastogenesis preventing bone metastasis colonization in lung cancer
Daniel Ajona (Spain)
15:15   Cancer & Bone Pre Clinical Discussions

15:25 CABSOC3.2 Osteoblasts inhibit the immune response against cancer
Inaam Nakchbandi (Germany)
15:35 CABSOC3.3 Visualizing the tumor immunity in living bone marrow by intravital 2-photon
Erika Yamashita (Japan)
15:45 CABSOC3.4 Anti-sclerostin treatment prevents multiple myeloma bone disease and reduces tumor burden
Michelle McDonald (Australia)
15:55 CABSOC3.5 Targeting skeletal metastatic breast cancer with bisphosphonic matrix metalloproteinase – 2 inhibitors
Marilena Tauro (USA)
16:10 CABSOP3.2 Lysyl oxidase promotes survival and outgrowth of colon cancer cells in the bone marrow, enabling bone metastasis formation
Caroline Reynaud (France)
17:45 19:35                             Cancer & Bone Pre Clinical Day
Musculoskeletal effects of cancer in bone
Chairs: Julia Sterling & Penelope Ottewell ( London, UK)
17:45 CABS9.1 Muscle weakness in patients with bone metastasis
Theresa Guise (USA)
18:15 CABS9.2 Interactions between cancer and osteocytes in bone 
 David Roodman (USA)
18:45 CABSOC4.1 Muscle dysfunction in immune competent mice with osteolytic breast cancer in bone is associated with skeletal muscle oxidation of RyR1
Jenna Regan (USA)
18:55 CABSOC4.2 Biphosphonates prevent osteolysis and muscle weakness in aromatase inhibitor- treated mice with breast cancer bone metastases
Laura Wright (USA)
19:05 CABSOC4.3 In vitro mechanotransduction of osteosarcoma cells
Thomas R. Coughlin (USA)
19:15 CABSOC4.4 3D tissue engineered constructs for modeling tumor-induced bone disease
Julie Sterling (USA)
19:25 CABSOC4.5 New models of breast and lung cancer bone metastases for preclinical efficacy testing
Mari I. Suominen (Finland)

Cancer & Bone Society (CABS) Annual Meeting 

 Cancer and Bone Logo

The overall goal of the CABS meeting is to facilitate collaborations and knowledge transfer between clinicians and scientists working in the fields of cancer and bone biology.  To achieve this goal CABS is sponsoring a two day meeting in collaboration with the ECTS in Rome on May 14-15, 2016. 

The CABS portion of the meeting will include a Clinical Cancer and Bone Workshop on Saturday, May 14th, 2016 and a preclinical day consisting of four scientific session on Sunday May 15th, 2016.

The scientific sessions will include state of the art presentations by outstanding internationally known investigators on the genomics underlying  development of primary bone cancers and bone metastasis, mechanisms of tumor dormancy and the role of microRNAs in bone metastasis, the immunology and immunotherapy of primary bone tumors and bone metastasis and musculoskeletal effects of cancer in bone including bone pain. Each scientific session will include short presentations by authors of selected abstracts summited to the meeting. 

The target audience is clinicians and scientists working in the field of cancer and bone.

The objectives of the scientific sessions are provide a forum for these individuals to learn about the latest research as well as present their research and network with other clinicians and scientist to advance research and treatment of the effects of cancer in bone.

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