Clinical Update

ECTS 2016 will contain a full congress day of sessions dedicated to updating health professionals on the latest advances in the management of patients.

Saturday 14th May

 09:15 12:00    Clinical Update Morning Session
Chairs: Bente Langdahl (Aarhus, Denmark) & Silvio Migliaccio (Rome, Italy)
09:15 CU1.1 Pregnancy associated Osteoporosis
Pathophysiology and management
Carola Zillikens (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
09:45 CU1.2 Male Osteoporosis
Secondary causes and evidence based treatment
Mattias Lorentzon (Gothenburg, Sweden)
10:15   Coffee Break

10:30 CU1.3 Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
Evidence based treatment of painful vertebral fractures?
Nicky Peel (Sheffield, UK)
11:00 CU1.4 Longterm management of Osteoporosis treatment
Treatment failure, treatment breaks
Richard Eastell (Sheffield UK)
11:30 CU1.5                Evidence versus emminence:
Treatment of glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis in premenopausal women
Cyrus Cooper (Southampton, UK) & Willem F Lems (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


12:45 15:30    Clinical Update Afternoon Session
Chairs: Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK) & Gerolamo Bianchi (Rome, Italy)
12:45 CU2.1 Osteogenesis imperfecta in the adult
Lena Lande Wekre (Oslo, Norway)
13:15 CU2.2 Fibrous dysplasia in the adult
Roland Chapurlat (Paris, France)
13:45   Coffee Break

14:00 CU2.3 Bone marrow oedema syndrome
Erik Fink Eriksen (Oslo, Norway)
14:30 CU2.4                Emerging treatments of rare bone diseases – relevance for the adult patient?
Franz Jakob (Wurzburg, Germany)
15:00 CU2.5 Paget’s disease of bone
Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh, UK)



Allied Health Professionals Session

Saturday 14th May

12:45 15:30    Allied Health Professional Session
Chairs: Mette Juel Rothmann (Copenhagen, Denmark) & Margaret Paggiosi (Sheffield, UK)
12:45   Welcome and Overview the Session
Mette Juel Rothmann (Copenhagen, Denmark) & Margaret Paggiosi (Sheffield, UK)
12:55 AHP1.1             Bone Structure and Function
Organization & composition of bone, bone modelling and remodelling, bone cells
Tim Arnett (London, UK)
13:20 AHP1.2 Pathophysiology of bone loss
Growth and loss, changes in microarchitecture, molecular mechanism, hormonal regulation, nutritional influence
Barbara Obermeyer-Pietsch (Graz, Austria)
13:45 AHP1.3 Biomechanical modelling of Bone
Predicting bone strength and fracture risk using engineering approaches
Mary Bouxsein (Boston, MA, USA)
14:10   Networking Break

14:35 AHP1.4 Osteoporosis treatments: past, present and future
Nicola Napoli (Rome, Italy)
15:00 AHPOC1.1 Age-dependent changes in the bone marrow microenvironment
Anjali Kusumbe (Germany)
15:10 AHPOC1.2 To measure or not to measure ? Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone in patients with clinical risk factors for osteoporosis.
Oliver Bock (Germany)
15:20 AHPOC1.3 Treat-to-target in osteoporosis. Myth or reality? Results of a Spanish Delphi study.
Manuel Muñoz-Torres (Spain)