EU Consortia Summit

The EU Consortia Summit is expected to foster the collaboration of bone researchers throughout Europe, develop new ideas for future funding and provide a platform for New Investigators (and other interested persons) to network with top European bone researchers.

 Room: Hall Ernesto La Padula

Friday 13 May    EU Consortia Summit Presenters
14:30-14:40 Welcome  Claus Glüer
14:40-16:00 Consortia pitch talks (5 min)  
SYBIL Nadia Rucci
BonePain Anne Marie Heegaard
SKELETON Silvia Pozzi
SFB/TRR 79  Christian Heiß
EUROCLAST  Miep Helfrich
SKELMET Lorenz Hofbauer
FORMOSA Franz Jakob
GEFOS/GENOMOS Fernando Rivanedeira
iBONE  Eric Hesse 
RUBICON Bram van der Eerden
OBELICS Franz Jakob


Coffee break


16:30-17:20 Carmine Settembre: Regulation of bone growth by autophagy
17:20-18:30 Meet the expert session  
17:20-17:30 Introduction to session  
17:30-17:50 Initiating EU consortia Anna Teti
17:50-18:10 Embracing collaboration: research networks Andre Uitterlinden
18:10-18:30 Strategic considerations to get funding Franz Jakob
  How to publish in CNS journals Carmine Settembre
  How to include public engagement in your consortia activities Miep Helfrich
  Epigenetics and bone Eric Hesse 
  Writing consortia proposals Lorenz Hofbauer
  Handling and sharing BIG data Fernando Rivanedeira
  Job perspective Project manager: keeping everything together Nadine Schmieder-Galfe
  Training PhD students Nadia Rucci
18:30-20:00 Poster tour + networking 
18:30-19:00 Consortia Bone Pain, Skeleton, Obelics, SFB/TRR79, Euroclast)  
19:00-19:30 Consortia Skelmet, Formosa, GEFOS, iBONE, Rubicon, Sybil)  
19:30-20:00 Continued networking  
19:15-20:00 Round table discussion with consortia leaders Chairs:
Feedback and suggestions for next year Claus Glüer
How to support the musculoskeletal field in the EU Martina Rauner


The afternoon programme is open to all congress participants for an additional registration fee.  In particular, New Investigators will be encouraged to attend. The afternoon ends with a social networking buffet at the congress centre.


Working Groups

Sunday 15th May 2016

18:45 20:15    Rhematic Disease & Bone Working Group
Modular Rooms North (A,B,C)
Chairs: Willem F Lems & Gerolamo Bianchi

New Insights in Osteo-Immunology
Piet Geusens (Hasselt, Belgium)


New insights in diagnosis and treatment options in complex regional pain syndrome type I
Andrea Giusti (Genoa, Italy)


Viatmin D effect on muscle and inflammatory disease
Salvatore Minisola (Rome, Italy)

 18:45 20:15   

Epigenetics Working Group
Modular North (D,E,F)
Chair: Andre van Wijnen (Minnesota, USA)

18:45   Role of microRNA in osteosarcoma
Eric Hesse (Hamburg, Germany)

Identification of miRNAs that regulate skeletal stem cell differentiation into osteoblasts and adipocytes
Moustapha Kassem (Odense, Germany)


Epigenetics by communication: extracellular vesicle-derived miR
Bram van der Eerden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

18:45 20:15   

Imaging Bone Strength Working Group
Hall Piacentini
Chair: Philippe Zysset and Klaus Engeike


The role of ultrasound in the multiscale assessment and modeling of elastic cortical bone properties
Kay Raum (Berlin Germay)


Cortical bone strength and its relationships with age, gender, composition and microindentation properties in the elderly
Uwe Wolfram (Edinburgh, UK)


Relevance of cortical porosity in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis
Piet Geusens (Maastricht, Belgium)


Working Groups Posters and drinks